Cumbernauld Theatre Trust receives Weston Culture Fund award

Cumbernauld Theatre

Cumbernauld Theatre Trust is delighted to announce that the organisation is a recipient of a £186,821 grant from the Weston Culture Fund. These funds will support the artistic and creative development of the company’s live performance, community arts and engagement programmes in its new home and their accessibility to the community of Cumbernauld and North Lanarkshire. 

The Weston Culture Fund was created in response to Covid-19 and aims to support the cultural sector to restart its work, refresh activities and re-engage audiences following Covid-19 closures.  

Later this year, Cumbernauld Theatre Trust will move to its new home, a state-of-the-art performing arts venue, with performances spaces, dance studio, cinema and café in the heart of Cumbernauld on the Cumbernauld Academy campus. Here we will deliver an all engaging and inclusive professional programme for the entertainment, enjoyment and enrichment of our diverse community.  

Supported by this funding, Cumbernauld Theatre will continue to create meaningful opportunities for artists, audiences and participants to connect with and explore the power of the arts in order to enrich and transform all our lives, enabling a life-long creative journey for individuals, families and groups from across all our communities.  

The Weston Culture Fund will provide us with the opportunity to work with Artistic Directors, artists, creatives and practitioners who will help us shape and deliver the artistic development and programme of this new era for our organisation: as part of the creative teams for our forthcoming in-house productions and as members of our Artistic Programme Steering Group. 

Over the coming months, this Artistic Programme Steering Group will grow to involve representatives from across our community, creating a collaborative forum that engages with our local community on our arts programme decision-making in an open and inclusive way to ensure that it reflects and meets the needs of our community. 

Karen Moore, Chair of Cumbernauld Theatre Trust said: “This award will bring opportunities and experiences for the communities of Cumbernauld and North Lanarkshire for whom the impact of Covid-19 has been particularly hard-hitting.  

The award will be used to engage theatre practitioners, Artistic Directors, actors and designers, maintaining their capacity to sustain their careers in the arts and supporting the theatre industry in Scotland and will also allow the company to invest in film production equipment to develop access to our productions. 

 This funding will provide a powerful legacy for now and well into the future allowing us to provide digital access to our work in hospitals, care homes and schools in ways we would not have imagined feasible a few years ago.” 

Philippa Charles, Director of Garfield Weston Foundation, said: “Our cultural sector is at the heart of our local communities providing not only entertainment but education and inspiration for many. Our Trustees were impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit shown across the arts in response to Covid-19 and it was a privilege to hear what organisations had been doing to not only survive but also to reinvent the way they reach audiences. What really stood out was the level of collaboration and support they had for each other and the determination to keep going, despite the increasingly difficult situation.  

 We all want and need our cultural sector to thrive and, if anything, our time away from the arts has shown just how important they are to us – bringing much needed pleasure and enrichment to our lives. Arts organisations are desperate to re-open and get back to what they do best, and we hope that this new funding will help many of them do exactly that.”