Find Your Brand Voice - Free Workshop by Adam Piggot

Please find details below on a free workshop delivered by Adam Piggot & hosted by VANL

Find Your Brand Voice
Via Zoom
Date: Friday 26th February 2021 
Time: Registration from 0915; Workshop Starts 0930; Workshop finishes by 1300
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  • This workshop uses Brand Themes and Brand Traits to help you develop a clear, distinctive and engaging brand voice across all your communication channels.
  • Brand Themes explain the core purpose of your organisation. They sum up what you do and why you do it. They define the content of the story you need to tell.
    • Brand Traits describe the personality of your organisation. They sum up how you operate at all levels. They define the language you use to tell your story and the look and feel of your communication materials
    • Find out how to identify the Brand Themes and Brand Traits for your organisation.
    • Learn how to use them to ensure that your message is told correctly, consistently and effectively across all points of contact

Learning Outcomes

    • A clear understanding of Brand Themes and how they can help you define your message.
    • A clear understanding of Brand Traits and how they can help you convey your message.
    • A technique that will allow you to determine the Brand Themes and Brand Traits for your organisation.
    • An understanding of how you can use them to:
      • Assess the effectiveness of your communication strategy and materials.
      • Guide strategic decisions, align thinking and solve problems in all areas of your organisation.
    • Up to three SMART action points that will allow you to integrate Brand Themes and Brand Traits into your organisational practice.


    • If possible, please have an example of your current communication materials to hand on the day, for use as a reference.
    • This could be a copy of your logo, a business card, a leaflet, a brochure, a print-out from your website, a photograph of your banners or anything that you use to connect with the people you want to reach.
    • If you don’t have an example of your own, alternative reference material will be provided.

The Presenter

    • The workshop will be led by Adam Piggot, a Glasgow-based Graphic Designer who specialises in Brand-led Strategy & Design for the Common Good. You can see examples of Adam's work at