NHS Lanarkshire keen to work with CVS

NHS Lanarkshire

NHS Lanarkshire has recently recruited 2 new member of staff for their Weight Management Service. They are particularly keen to work closely with the Community & Voluntary Sector of North Lanarkshire:

 Paul Wright, Health Improvement Senior, NHS Lanarkshire Weight Management Service:

 “My role is to lead and coordinate programmes of physical activity in the delivery of the Lanarkshire Weight Management Service. My remit has a particular focus on the development of Active Travel and Green Health opportunities, in an effort to broaden the range of options available to our clients. To this end, I will be supporting my NHS Lanarkshire colleagues to develop our partnerships with community based organisations who share similar ambitions.”

paul.wright@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk or 07811 026 127

 Kirsty Baird, Partnership Manager, NHS Lanarkshire Weight Management Service:

 My role is hosted by Healthy Valleys and sits within NHS Lanarkshire Weight Management Service which will give me lots of opportunity to work closely with the NHS health improvement team and the local partners – pan Lanarkshire. My key roles are to develop Healthy Schools Plus throughout Lanarkshire, and also help coordinator Lanarkshire Weight Management Service projects and services, and signpost to local partner’s services and activities. This is a great opportunity for the Weight Management Service and local partners to work together to benefit everyone across Lanarkshire.

If you would like to get in contact about your work or to say hello please do - Kirsty.baird@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk or 07929784588