Employer Supported Volunteering

Employer supported volunteering (ESV) is a three-way partnership between employer, employee and local charities. Volunteering is done by employed people with the support of their employer and is usually in the form of a one-off team event.

As corporate social responsibility becomes an increased priority amongst many employers, there has been a shift towards employer supported volunteering and the Volunteer Centre is there to support and act as a “broker” between employers and community organisations for those businesses interested in becoming involved.

Examples of team challenges that your company can become involved with:

  • Painting, decorating or renovating a community facility
  • One-day environmental, conservation or “clean-up” challenges
  • Helping promote volunteering during events like “Make a Difference Day”
  • Assisting elderly or disabled groups on day-outings and with activities
  • Supporting one-off community events or fundraising events
  • Plus many more opportunities

How Does it work?

Encourage staff to become active in the community in their own time

Make information available about the benefits of volunteering, about organisations seeking volunteers and about the Volunteer Centre. Invite local organisations who involve volunteers or agencies such as the Volunteer Centre to make presentations to staff or set up displays in reception areas, canteens etc. Recognise staff members' voluntary activity at appraisals, in staff newsletters or provide
an internal volunteer award scheme.

Team Challenge

Set aside some time - such as once a year to undertake a team activity. This form of community involvement can help develop effective team working and improve communication within your organisation.

Allow and encourage staff to volunteer within working hours

Set up a brokerage system to identify ideal opportunities that will best benefit you, your employee and the community - we can work in partnership with you to achieve this.